Schrijf in mijn gastenboek
  • Rochette Maryse (January 1, 2017): Hello Mark, I spent an hour looking at your paintings (specially still life). I love them all. Your skills and comments touch me. I came here from Wet Canvas, and I am very happy to 'meet' you by this site. I love to paint, my skills are very little, but I enjoy to see your work either if I am not able to explain ... Thank you.
  • Erik van Grinsven (February 24, 2014): Fantastic!
  • Anjesen (February 11, 2014): Your work is extraordinary, very inspiring. Your compositions are beautiful and your techinque is amazing. I love all that space around the objects and people. Your art feels so big and full of air to breathe!
  • SA Stirling (January 30, 2014): Beautiful work! It is amazing what you have done with acrylic paint!